technology for option

Cloisonne/hard enamel

Cloisonne pin is also called hard enamel lapel pins, It’s the most traditional technology for badge. Especially, use for police badge .

And only copper  can be used as the material for the lapel pin process, because  hard enamel requires a very high temperature of 1472F centigrade and copper melts at 1985F centigrade. 

Cloisonne don't have a bright-coloured as imitation enamel or soft enamel colors. But the colour can an be preserved for 100 years without changing. 

Soft enamel 

Soft enamel is one of the most popular technology, the price is lower than Cloisonne or imitation enamel. The enamel colors is rich(based on Pantone Colors(PMS) that can use brass, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy by either die stamping, die cast or photo etched.

Die struck /Die casting 

Use brass, copper, iron, zinc alloy and bronze  stamped to form the desired artwork on its surface. The plating finish gives to the lapel pins the desired finish,we have a various finishing for options. Such as sandblasting; foggy painting; two tone (gold and nickel) finishing; antique finishing; stain or matte effects and different texture background for choices.

Photo Etched

Etched pins have a similar look as soft enamel pins, but more cheaper then enamel pins . To use iron as the metal material will get the cheapest lapel pins for photo etched process. It's best choice for a larger quantities custom pins with a good look as enamel pins.The regular thickness for photo etched pins is 0.8mm and usually to epoxy dome on the surface to protect the enamel colors.

silk screen /offset printed 

Silk screen offer great detail produced in full color. silkscreen offer the most flexibility in pin design and style. Good for artwork requiring precise, simple and high resolution of color  Epoxy will be used to protect the pin colors.

Using the offset printed process we are able to print pictures, images, and camera ready artwork using a 4-color process CMYK. Usually we use the resin epoxy on the surface to protect the printed colors. Offset printed lapel pins is the fastest for RUSH baseball trading pins. For example ,2000pcs can be done in only 4 days.