Technology For Make A Trophy

At present the awards ceremony of the festival mostly metal trophy as a prize. Today's new novel metal trophy shaped fashion models, bright colors, elegant, more real the beauty of vivid metal trophy. The following describes the materials and processes under the principle of metal trophy.

Metal trophy Material:

Usually the material commonly used copper metal trophy, zinc-aluminum alloy mold casting or forging molding, electro-polished surface, as a whole, decent. In the ranks of copper metal is resistant to oxidation and corrosion and, more importantly, it's more beautiful color vision; zinc aluminum is also resistant to oxidation and corrosion of the metal, but zinc-aluminum alloy can be divided into two colors, one is gold, the other silver.

Production process and principles:

Press Die processing metal processing classification, commonly used are: stamping die, including stamping die, bending die, drawing die, turning hole die, mold shrinkage, undulating mold, bulging mold, plastic molds; forging dies, including forging with forging die, upsetting die and the like; and the extrusion die and die casting mold.

During the trophy production process, use photographic etching technique. Full uniformly formed on the metal surface of the layered trophy chemical resistance of a photosensitive film, and through the original film, with ultraviolet exposure, after subjected to development processing, to form the desired shape of the coating layer of chemical-resistant film, then to etch bath of acid or lye, the exposed portions to produce chemical or electrochemical erosion, to dissolve metal trophy processing technology. Metal trophy trophy is also commonly used alloy production process, the principle is the etching process. The so-called etching technique, is the use of erosion of metal surfaces, removal of the metal from the metal surface treatment technology. In general, electrolytic etching and chemical etching have two kinds. Electrolytic etching. With the mother will die for conductive cathode and an electrolyte medium of the machining part, focused on the etching erosion removal method. Chemical etching. The use of chemical-resistant coating, the etching erosion removed, focused on the role to be part of the method.