Medals Craft Several Major Categories

Read Kisho copper gilt \ silver silver inlay technology, it is used on copper gilt \ Silver inlay another different weight of silver pieces. In appearance with gold silver inlay, silver chapter does not distinguish on the senses.

In general, companies tailored to their custom budget price level, gold-plated copper \ silver silver silver inlay chapter can better control products for enterprise customization requirements, silver Silver 1-5 grams, a diameter of 10-18mm , product silver small, the senses are also not enough atmosphere, customized business often choose silver plated copper silver inlay chapter, so according to the desired size of the industry custom satisfied with the product, such as silvered chapter can insert 40mm diameter ranging from 1 g sterling silver, silver-plated 50mm diameter can insert chapter 2 g ranging silver, but also can insert chapter 50mm diameter silver-plated sterling silver ranging from 2 grams, the size of the medals can be customized according to the size required. Inlaid silver weight can also be selected as desired.