How To Collect And Clear A Trophy

Metal trophy during storage, since after a long contact with the surface and the atmosphere there will be traces of corrosion, often forming a layer of oxide patina. Their main becomes: copper oxide. If you can not get rid of these substances may affect the overall visual metal trophy, the trophy will also be reduced lifespan. Here's how to remove the patina under the surface of the metal trophy.

1.Mechanical descaling method

Is currently applied widely as a descaling method, the principle is the use of impact and friction effectively remove rust and dirt. This method is commonly used in portable electric tools wheel, electric brush, brush pneumatic, derusting guns. The advantage of this method is that rust quality, efficiency are high, but the drawback is that these tools also require manual operation, greater labor intensity of the complex geometry of the trophy is not applicable, not suitable for large-scale blasting needs.

2. the chemical descaling treatment method

Its principle is to use acid to clean metal trophy with the dirty surface rust (oxide) chemical reaction, dissolved in acid, the acid addition of hydrogen produced by interaction with the metal cup also allows the mechanical descaling off.

3.manual descaling method

Rust is one of the simplest methods. With a spatula, hand hammer, steel brush, emery cloth (paper), grinding wheels and other tools for knock, shovel, grinding, scraping to get rid of rust and other pollution. The advantage of this visit is to seek simple, low cost; drawback is labor-intensive, low efficiency, inconsistent quality, poor working environment.

Using a metal brightener oily brightener, effective care metal surface, exhibits bright, clean metallic luster, a protective film is left after use. Alloy suitable surface Trophy.

Please use before brightener brightener poured into a stainless steel watering can, shake. Where 15-20 cm from the surface facing the right amount of surface spray metal trophy brightener; immediately (Do not allow spray to kill) with a clean soft cloth to wipe the surface clean and bright. In case of stubborn stains, repeat the above steps.