How To Choose Your Appropriate Badge

1.Badges for the public good. Badge use for this the quantity is lots generally , so  must take into account the cost and time of production of the badge, printed badge and tin badge are good choice , badge printing process is generally used screen printing and lithography.

2.Badge for commemorate major events . Badge like this is made for commemorate significant events or activities of primary production, like use for the company and can be durable and wear a long time and so on, the enamel badge , badge with epoxy is good choice.

3.Badge for Anniversary , like country's important tourist attractions, major national events such as the Olympics, World Expo badge or badge to commemorate important historical figures issued as Lincoln medallions, medals collection has great significance, generally require a long time to save the life of It ,It can choose enamel imitation badge or hard enamel badge .then together with a attractive packaging. wooden box & flocking boxes available