Investment coins taboos to remember

In recent years, a number of commemorative coins in circulation collection of investment collectors be harvested, but it is not makes money, but most people have had the experience of losing money. Collect coins investment "Five Note." Remember this, "Five Note" can improve collection of investment skills.

1 Avoid excessive release of buy

Collectibles market has always been said that the scarcity. How much coin circulation, it is to determine its investment value and appreciation potential of the primary factor. Generally, the circulation of coins and the market price inverse relationship, ie less high prices, the lowest quantity. Example: Release of only 2.04 million of the "CCB" commemorative coins, the current market price has reached more than 1,300 yuan, while the issuance of up to 90,000,000 of "Party seventieth anniversary" coin prices, only 7 to $ 8 yuan.