Introduction of commemorative coins and coin-related knowledge to define Know?

Commemorative coins are legal tender of a country to commemorate the international or national politics, history, culture and other aspects of major events, outstanding figures, monuments, rare animals and plants, sports events and other issued, which includes ordinary commemorative coins and precious metal commemorative coins . Quality is generally refined, limited edition.

Chinese coins is a specific topic, by the National People's Bank of China authorized designated national mint designed and manufactured by the National Bank issued a unified currency planned legal. Commemorative coins are usually issued in order to commemorate the historical event of major political, cultural and other traditional things that have a special meaning. Ordinary commemorative coins with denomination of RMB value equal to the market circulation, can circulate in the market. Commemorative coins role is mainly to meet the requirements of public collections, and not for circulation. Specific theme and limited edition are the main characteristics of commemorative coins.