Foreign coins acclaimed collections?

Coin collection that attracted worldwide attention Favorites category, the emphasis is on the principle of scarcity, but also a collection of countries around the world pay attention to categories. In the domestic market, coin collections fiery context, some from overseas commemorative coin is to show a strong strength. Now, the two favorites to Bo Baby Jane Mall of foreign coins became the Tibetan faithful worth investing in coins.

According to the introduction Bo Po Art Network coin collection expert, coins commemorative coins form the countries have attached great importance by the time of accumulation, precipitation coins to achieve the preservation and growth momentum, but also a rich from these topics, material specifications strengths and weaknesses of investment categories. In addition, the huge worldwide demand Jicang masses and also make commemorative coins Watch abnormal hot.

Cook Islands Cook Islands 2009 - Leonardo da Vinci "Mona Lisa" of gold and silver coins compound (Source: Bo Baby Jane Mall)

The two favorites to Bo Baby Jane mall is the Cook Islands coins commemorative coins, also limited edition of commemorative coins in circulation. In the release in 2009 of the Cook Islands - Leonardo da Vinci "Mona Lisa" of gold and silver coins in the complex, the designer will our charming image of the Mona Lisa smile at the idea of compact unfolded art. This color composite crafted gold and silver coins and precious metals on properties with local characteristics of buildings, so this is more interesting coins worth collecting.