Finally, a commemorative coin in 2015 to marketFinally, a commemorative coin in 2015 to market

People's Bank of China issued in 2016 Lunar New Year commemorative coins in silver recently one, collectors want to start can only be purchased from China Gold Coin Corporation.

As early as in early December, the central bank will release the 2016 precious metal commemorative coins issued project plan, which includes a total of 10 projects, 51 varieties. This means that in 2015 the issue of commemorative coins in circulation has ended, then how in 2015 commemorative coins market?

"Two Sheep" outstanding Zodiac series is still a "leading"

Released earlier this year, the Lunar New Year commemorative coins 10 yuan Year of the Goat, the Department of China issued the second round of the Lunar New Year Lunar New Year commemorative coins "leading currency", which differs from the first round of Lunar New Year commemorative coins that used this commemorative coin denomination is 10 yuan, which is the first one using 10 yuan denomination Lunar New Year commemorative coins. The commemorative coins issued on February 6, when issued on the concern, the initial issue price once rose to 45 yuan / gold, a premium of 350% compared to the denomination, after gradually fell, remained at around 30 yuan, in recent months, and soared all the way, the current price on the market which up to 95-100 yuan, compared with the price of 30 yuan more than tripled.