Coconut carving badge - Hainan Intangible Cultural Heritage Crafts Open "Shen Hui" New Road

2014, in efforts to assist the provincial non-heritage center by the national non-heritage projects "Hainan coconut carving" as a declaration of the project, was selected as the world's "Outstanding Handicrafts certification" (hereinafter referred to as "badge" Project). This exploratory attempt quickly brought little success, at the Third China Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo shortly after obtaining certification of the project, held in Shandong, Wu horse's name "Hainan coconut carving" received extensive attention, and become a non-material cultural heritage project matchmaking and "star" on the deal signing ceremony.

Non-heritage crafts, how to get diverse productive heritage protection, how to better "live" in the moment, Hainan's non-heritage conservationists open another thought.

"Badges" is a UNESCO project construction craftsmen flagship project, which aims to encourage craftsmen use traditional techniques, patterns and styles, through innovative ways to make products to meet the inheritance and development of traditional culture and art purposes.